Friday, May 19, 2006

I am officially a champion sleeper

Somehow last night I managed to sleep through the thumping bass beat of the night club across the street AND the comings and goings of eight long-term hostel guests and staff. Crazy.

I had dreams about sitting on a dirty street corner in Victorian London, and that I had started smoking. I woke up early, without my alarm even going off, and now I'm stuck writing because the kitchen isn't open yet and I can't go make breakfast. Argh. I wish I could have more dreams about Hayley, though that would be frustrating as well as great.

This is where I want to go to school. That college had the prettiest gardens, and it's sooo little. That's just perfect for me, cause I always root for the underdog.

I slipped Hayley into conversation with the gay Canadian boy last night. If he had a reaction, he didn't show it. We spent an hour lying on the surprisingly cushy blue carpet in the hallway, laughing about our bad hostel experiences before going to bed. He's a charming guy, and it's too bad I'll probably never see him again.

Oh, the kitchen's open. Joy.

Have a nice morning, or night, everyone.


by Nome at 10:42 PM
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