Thursday, June 29, 2006

a quickie!

This silly joke is for Jag, who is brilliant no matter what those unChinese characters actually say:

President Bush and Vice-Pres Cheyney sit down to eat at a fancy French restaurant. The waitress comes by and Bush looks up from his menu and gives her a rather lecherous up-and-down visual undressing, before announcing "Uh, yeah, I'll have a quickie."
The waitress turns red and goes to smack him in the face, but remembering he's the President of the United States of America, she instead hurries away, looking embarrassed.

"Wha?" Bush says to Cheyney with a swagger, "whaddid I say?"

Cheyney leans over to glance at Bush's menu. "Uh, Mr. President," he says "it's pronounced QUICHE."

R. D. R. R.

The only other item of business is that I've updated my wish list. Oh goody. It now has actual items I want, and while wouldn't let me add "love," or "mutual understanding," or "freedom and tolerance for all," at least it does have Zadie Smith's new book on it.

I actually get to hang out with Hayley during the DAY today, which is sooo weird! I've gotten rather used to her vampire lifestyle, but since she's working all weekend cause she switched a shift AND missed her shift last night (oops!) this will be my only chance to see her. Now I have to sit down and remember what it is that normal people do together during the day. That's a tall order indeed. We could go to the beach, or smell some roses, or build a tree fort. I like the last idea, but she hates moths and slugs so maybe that's not so smart.

Well, have a nice day everyone.


p.s. Isn't that little street above totally amazing? It was a neat corner of Edinburgh that I never would have discovered if Dan wasn't such an excellent tour guide.

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