Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeeeeah

Gold lion's gonna tell me where the light is,
Gold lion's gonna tell me where the light is,
Take our hands out of control,
Take our hands out of control

Now, tell me what you saw,

Tell me what you saw,

There was a crowd of seeds,
Inside, outside,
I must have done a dozen each...

It was the height I threw, the weight,
The shell was crushing you,
I've been around a few...

Outside, Inside,
This is the moon without a tide,
We'll build a fire in your eyes,
We'll build a fire when the cover's getting brighter,
Cold desire makes the moon without a tide...
-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Gold Lion

Why are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs so damn good for me right now?

Karen O's voice reminds me of a night spent doing tequila shots, the nice, fine quality kind, the kind that actual Mexicans might engage in drinking. So smooth, but with a substantial bite. Warm all the way down, and then settling in your stomach with an angry sort of, "I'd like to dance now." If you have too much, you start to feel less anthemic and more belligerent, and then you stumble to the door muttering "Tooo much....Gold Lion. Take me home." God that song could even be a tequila brand. I can see it.

Hayley and I opted to stay in tonight. She wasn't as moody as she was the night of the Loonie Incident, but you'd better believe she pinned me down when I made fun of her for not getting her music festival tickets on time. That girl can pin me down anytime. I never knew I liked it so much until now.

I went and got Brazilianed (a verb?) last week. It's funny, because I never waxed for boys. And apparently I'm not waxing for girls, either. I told Hayley and she was like "you did what? why?" She wasn't horrified exactly, just....puzzled. Haha. Well, now that I've done it I feel like I can undergo just about any painful beauty ritual. Tatooing? Bring it on. Branding? Sure why not? Suspension by the skin from hooks on the ceiling? You only live once! And I guess this was something I really did do for myself.

I haven't exactly been getting a lot of action since I got back, to my incredible frustration. First we were both jet-lagged, then we were at my place and my parents were making us dinner and I wasn't about to, um, jump my girlfriend like we're teenagers shortly before asking my dad to pass the potatoes. Then I was in the country, and now I've been coming over to her place a couple of hours before she has to go to work every night and torturing myself by being in close proximity to her but not having enough time to do anything. I asked if she wanted to hang out with me on her day off and she said "sure, what do you want to do?" I said: "You." Grrr. Yes. Please. Before I drive myself insane. All she has to do is kiss me with those stunning lips of hers and I lose all decision-making abilities.

I wonder what she would do if she stumbled upon this blog on one of her many forays through cyberspace. She's such a deeply private person, and would never write something like this herself. She'd probably rip me to pieces, which I think would be exquisitely painful (I might even enjoy it) before breaking up with me, which I definitely would not enjoy.

I am walking on thin ice here.

But aren't I always? Isn't my whole life kind of a refutation of the things one is SUPPOSED to do, i.e. live a linear existence, move out, get a job, settle down with a member of the opposite sex...? Oops. Maybe I'll just be banking on Hayley's luscious sense of humour for this one. Her ability to laugh at the absurd is as finely-tuned as any I've ever seen.

And so, if you're reading this, my love, know that I mean well. You're the most beautiful thing in my life and I won't throw you away, even if it makes a damn fine story.I just want to listen to your heart beating...

Too long. Going to sleep.


p.s. I know this layout is ugly as all hell. I don't care. You want pretty? Go play with her. Go put up with baby stories. She's cute, too.

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