Tuesday, July 25, 2006

absolutely inane quiz alert

You scored as Bisexual.









Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?
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The questions were absolutely asinine, and yet somehow I still agree with the results.

Oh quizzes! How good you are at wasting my arguably valuable time!

Thanks to Elmada for taking a quiz which I couldn't take because I'm not a boy and when I took it anyway the quiz just said I was an "all-round cute gay boy who many would die to be with," and I thought "oh, that's nice, but pretty fucking irrelevant."

But thank you anyway because it directed me to a site just chock-full of fun and utterly mindless rubbish (including, of course, a quiz called What Mythological Creature are You? Answer: a fucking irreverent shrunken dragon!), and that was just peachy keen.

At least I'm sucking up my own time and not someone else's with this garbage. Oh wait, you people all have lives too. Well, sorry. I guess you could always hang out with Raymi instead.

Be careful, though, cause I get jealous.



p.s. The quiz links were messed up but I fixed them and now they work. Yay.

by Nome at 6:37 PM
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