Friday, July 21, 2006

combobulation is highly overrated

My dad told me he was feeling discombobulated this morning. His alarm didn't go off at the right time and he keeps stomping around muttering about being disorganized. My shirts were drying on the balcony door and he removed them and hung them from my bedroom door knob so that when I opened it in the morning my clean shirts would all fall on the dirty floor and be covered in cat hair. Allegedly, that part wasn't intentional, but for an accident it sure did go swimmingly.

I'm also feeling discombobulated, probably because I had strange dreams about Hayley last night and now I miss her something fierce. She didn't get up early enough yesterday for me to come over and give her soup, which was okay I suppose since she obviously needed the sleep. But I miss her. I miss the Hayley who is always affectionate and relatively normal and emotionally intact. And I still don't get it. I just want things to be the way they were, and the impossibility of that doesn't make me want it any less.

I watched a Swedish film last night called Show Me Love. It looked like it had been shot with a home video camera, and the realism of it was pretty intense. You really, really believed in the characters, since they weren't just stock teenage movie types. The nice kids had flaws, and the popular kids were all deeply bored with life. The parents in the film were really trying their hardest to help their children, and the director thankfully didn't portray them as clueless morons. It was exceptionally well-acted (especially by the two leads) and well-cast, and I would pretty much recommend it to everyone, regardless of age. It certainly took me back to my high school days, for better or worse.

To the left is the ridiculously arty cityscape I managed to get with Hayley's camera phone. It makes Vancouver look like Gotham City, and that's pretty much great.

What should I do today? It is 34 degrees so bike riding is probably out.

For some reason I feel lonely, and even something approaching bored.


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