Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Kept Me Up All Night

From an interview in Curve magazine:

"Mainstream lesbians view bisexuality as a fence in sexual-orientation land." is this fair?

So somehow it is a-okay to know that you love women and ONLY women, but any deviation from that particular subculture norm qualifies as fence-sitting?? How fucking hypocritical of a lesbian magazine to discriminate against another group for their sexual orientation. Do they actually think that bisexuals choose their orientation anymore than lesbians do? How bloody ignorant.

Oh that hurts. That left me absolutely gutted, and it kept me up all night ranting in my head. Why why WHY?

Let's mostly gloss over the fact that they posed this as a question, in an interview. [Do you see a question mark? Can you hear the upspeak? No way -- this is a statement of fact].

By the way, here was the sad cornered little response from "blues babe" Candye Kane, the subject of said "interview":

"Sometimes people have a need to put labels on things and to categorize each other. I think all people are basically bisexual. But hey, maybe I really am a dyke waiting to come out."

That's right, Kane, play right into their hands. Good call.

Could someone please tell me why this point of view is somehow legitimate while homophobia clearly is not?

How is it not okay for straight society to shove people into boxes but perfectly acceptable for gay society to do exactly the same thing without so much as batting an eyelid. Oh the pain.

Sorry for the rant.

But perhaps this helps to explain the reasons behind other rants, like this one.

What does everyone else think? It's way too quiet in here, and I don't want to rail away all alone.

I may sound pissed off, and I am, but as always I welcome all divergent points of view, so feel free to send them my way.



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