Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why Being Single Sucks


Well, my date went okay.

It was not mind-boggling by any means, though. We went to the market, bought a bottle of wine, and flew a kite in the park, all which should have been somewhat more entertaining a
ctivities than they actually were in practice.

I feel like this girl is a bit....dare I use the expression self-involved? I suppose I just did. At any rate, she talked a lot, mainly about herself, she was loud, she didn't ask me a lot of questions, and she definitely seemed to want to run the show. She was really aggressive, which was quite something. She got into a big argument with this guy who wanted us to fly our teeny tiny little kite away from his big red fancy ones, which I just didn't think was worth the battle.

She talked me into buying a bottle of wine that was way out of my non-existent price range, and she seemed to have many firmly-held opinions on a lot of things that she was willing to expound on
for twenty minutes at a time while I scarcely got a word in edgewise. I suppose she reminded me of all the things that I spend so much time trying NOT to be: a poor listener, self-centered, inflexible, rude, and even borderline closed-minded.

She was attractive enough in person, with pretty blue eyes and short reddish-brown hair, but I didn't find myself electrically attracted to her. Maybe I'm expecting way too much from a first meeting, but it is safe to say that stumbling across the bumper sticker above was probably the highlight of my day.

I'm not going to be judgemental. She seems like an interesting enough person. But I was definitely not as attracted to her in person as I was on paper.

It's a shame really. But I suppose there are more fish in the sea, and I have to be careful here. I don't want to rebreak a heart that's still mending. I have to be discerning, and so I will be.

First dates are tough, though. I maybe shouldn't let first impressions sway me too much.

Dilemmas like these are the reason I hate being single.

That, and the feeling of really, really needing to get laid. This is not a feeling I have ever enjoyed.

Ah well. Back to the drawing board.


by Nome at 5:12 PM
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