Friday, July 27, 2007

hit me!!!

I know I'm quoting Jag here, but seriously. This is ridiculous.

Today my hits went from, oh, about 27 a day to an insane 716. I'm squinting at my screen and going "naw, this can't possibly be right," but it is.

Where did you all come from? Is this because I talked about sex toys?

Or is this just another tease, kinda like when I flipped open my phone in the staff room today and was greeted by a series of text messages from Claire, telling me about a sex dream she had in which I sent her a pornographic video that went from a close-up of my face to a zoomed out shot of me touching myself.

Unbelievable. That, and I can't seem to send TG any normal messages anymore. They're all sexually-charged. In fact, I'll be damned if I can even write a text message that doesn't involve whipping or oral fixations or barely-cloaked comments about bruised knees.

Maybe it's because I'm now the proud owner of these playthings. Mine's in purple, of course.

Thank you Jag, and Jab, for being my fab sex mentors. What would I do without their sage guidance??

Well, to all alleged 700 of you, welcome.

And now, please, hit me up with some comments!


by Nome at 4:59 PM
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