Saturday, March 05, 2005

Nome presents:

The Next Blog Button, Part 2:

Bloggers by young people in desperate need of spell-checking (and perhaps a bit of common sense):

-this delightfully inane individual. Although I do admit she's growing on me a little. She's only thirteen, and quite cute at times. I can't say my thoughts went much deeper than hers at 13. I was probably just a lot more pretentious. My affection for her only extends so far, however, since I can barely understand what the hell she's trying to say. You see if you can make sense of it. You have to click the 'l' on 'isolate' at the bottom of the page to get her actual blog.
-does anyone else actually think that this blog is written by the same person as above?
-I'm also betting that she hangs out with the other two above. And if she doesn't, she really ought to. They'd get along.
-This girl (another high schooler) with tinny computer music on her blog. Come ON!
-All this kid does is post photos of babies doing obscene and frightening things.
-this delightful individual has been abundantly blessed with narcissism.
-a lot of pent-up rage, teenage-style. If they're this bitter this young, imagine them at 40. Scary thought.

Bloggers with cool backgrounds:
-this woman who lived/is living in France. I kind of enjoy her blog as well.
-this Spanish person whose blog I can't understand but enjoy because it looks cool. Dag: care to inform me if it's any good?

Bloggers I would like to meet in real life:
-this guy who was poisoned by Taco Bell (SUE!). He's into film in a big way and likes Tarantino. Yay.
-Tom in the States. He has a cute kid and takes neat photos. Kinda wish he wrote more often.

Some random nuts:
-Online preaching. Notice the lack of commentary, by anyone.
-a one-track mind. Is there any other subject?? Even when he talks about football, it comes right back to favourite topic #1.

I've noticed a lot of blogs are just ads. I'm kind of disappointed by that since I thought that blogging was one of the few ad-free internet mediums left.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone will even follow this maze of links.

And it is time for bed.



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