Saturday, April 30, 2005

My room is populated only by Japanese rabbit fans

Room and Me
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Here's a decent shot of me in my Mashimoro pjs. And this is my room, evidently. Note the autographed Tegan & Sara poster in the background, my movie postcards, and the globe I use to figure out how far away I am from Ireland, Montreal, South Africa, Finland, and England, among other places.

If you look really closely, you can see my dead flowers (very classy), my permanent water bottle, my New Yorker calendar, and a full, unopened bottle of Absinthe. I didn't photograph my stash lest any of you decide to narc on me. LOL.

On the left on the bulletin board is my essay on China's One Child Policy. I got an A on it so I keep it there to remind me that I don't totally suck.

By the way, the best retort to 'you suck' if you're female is ALWAYS "At least I'm good at it!" It has served me very well so far.



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