Saturday, April 30, 2005

what my new bed looks like

New Bed
Originally uploaded by Nomeroo.
I just got new summer bedding at IKEA and I'm ridiculously excited about it so I thought I'd show it to you.

The cool thing is that even the boys in my life noticed, and they don't even notice when I dye my hair unnatural colours or lose 15 pounds. The Boy rolled around in my new bed for an afternoon, and my brother noticed it when he flopped onto my bed the moment he got home from work. I yelled at him to get the hell off and go lie in his own bed. He didn't listen so I gave up and just kept writing my email.

Ooh, and the cover is reversible too! There are bubbles on the other side!

Now I want to stay in bed all day, and I almost managed it by not getting up until 12:30.

That's Mashimoro in the background and the book I'm reading called Sweetness in the Belly. I was too lazy to move them before I took the photo.

More to follow!


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