Thursday, May 26, 2005

I love my friends


Not much time to write because it is super late and I have to work tomorrow! - but I wanted to fill you in about my evening - rather quickly.

My grad ceremony was fine, quite boring as I had expected. Our president is a hypocritial corporate whore, but that's besides the point. The party afterwards was very nice. G. and M. both showed up, which was great. I was reminded of just how much I will miss them when they leave for China. I need my Boys here, not in some far-off Asian land! After the after-party we went to Yuppietown for some yuppie drinks in a yuppie bar. It was a very classy place. Way better than the bar in the dodgy neighbourhood that I went to with Berdie et al last week.

We actually discussed my newly single status tonight, which was great because I so rarely get to have serious life conversations with the Boys. This is not to say that they've never had them with me, but so often we see each other at parties and the talk remains pretty casual. Tonight they were so attentive, and I was reminded of the fact that really do care about me when it counts.

The downside of this is that I will miss them terribly when they go!

Damn the rest of the world for taking all my friends away!

I got a super-sweet email from Julie today. I was surprised that she wrote back so quickly. She is definite new-best-friend material, as long as I can get the crush out of my mind. I had a really sexy dream about her last night, which is trouble. In the dream we were at a bar and I gave her a hug for no particular reason and she told me to kiss her on the lips, so I did. Then she said that she thought I had a nice tongue, so I kissed her again and gave her some. It was incredibly erotic, until the bartender kicked us out for kissing in his bar. I think that part came from the section of my mind that remembers random scenes from films, because there is a scene just like that in Better Than Chocolate. Anyway, I have spent much of my life 'friending' both girls and guys that I have had huge crushes on, and this is no different. It may turn out that I'm not attracted to her anymore once we're good friends (this has happened before), or that she suddenly breaks up with her boyfriend and decides she wants to try something with me. The latter is decidedly less possible, so I won't hold onto unrealistic hopes about it.

Right now it is just very cool that she likes cats and the silly little origami stars and glow-in-the-dark stickers I gave her before she left.

Sigh. I am a silly kid.

I really want about a dozen hugs and some sex at the moment.

I'm willing to settle for the hugs.

For now.


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