Thursday, June 22, 2006

after this I promise to stop bitching...

Why has my girlfriend started smoking -- all the fucking time?? It drives me bonkers, and she knows it.

Ah, Le Tigre. Who better than to complain to on a sunny day when my eyes hurt behind the sunglasses and my patience is about as thin as the cloud cover?

No one says it better than you do, girls.

you must not love to hate
you must not take the bait
and learn to hit delete
you'd say the same thing to me
rent's high
and the war's on
and it's last call
even your friends look worried
my friends think you're smart
we think you're super-fine

but it's high time
i mean it's high tide
aka a fine line, inside

stop smoking those cigarettes, baby
next time it's your turn to save me
splash some water on your little face cause
you're a mess, you're a mess, you're a mess!

you must not roll your eyes
you should not often lie
how could you ever say
that your friends won't be there
it's a long walk on a cold night
when you wanna fight
over some day-old drama
you used to make us laugh
we want the old you back...
-Le Tigre -- This Island

I guess this would be a great time for me to exercise the patience of a saint. Well, I could never be a saint, so let's settle for a Buddhist monk. Never mind that she's the one who wants to shave her head...


These posts are seconds apart. I'm such a fucking girl.

I promise to be more interesting tomorrow.


by Nome at 11:51 AM
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