Thursday, June 29, 2006

One Minute of Mush

Allow me, if you will, just one minute to be unapologetically corny.

I had SUCH a nice day with Hayley today. I took her underneath this dock by my house where my friends and I used to get stoned as kids (heh heh). It's really pretty and dark and cool down there, and the ocean is this amazing dark green from the light filtering through the wood. She was a bit iffy about the spiders and the dirt, but she made it and she loved it once she was there.

We talked, threw rocks into the water, had a picnic, went to the playground, spun around on the swings, covered ourselves in grass, checked out the cute dogs, laughed, joked, kissed, and generally acted like two girls in love, which I suppose we are.

I am so in love with her. So incredibly, intensely, hopefully in love with her. She's such a beauty and such a smart and witty and utterly unique human being. I just want to make everything better for her, to make her see herself the way I see her: as an absolutely adorable and wonderful girl.

Sooo in love. It's ridiculous.

Alright, I'm done. Thanks for listening.

I know it was probably painfully mushy.

You're all troopers. Gold stars all around.


by Nome at 10:01 PM
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