Friday, June 30, 2006

titillating summer movie

Please, all of you, go see a film called My Summer of Love. It's so delightfully dark and witty and poignant, and Emily Blunt is just a total joy to watch on screen. She's got a little bit of Robin Tunney in her, but she's entirely more sophisticated and demure. That and it's set in Yorkshire, with a more than a few sexy accents and a fabulous soundtrack including my dear friends Alison Goldfrapp and Edith Piaf.

Okay, so parts of it are rife with cliche (girl on an actual white horse, Nietzsche references, disenchanted youth, red hair and freckles -- okay, maybe that's just MY cliche!), and it is terribly girly, but Jag, I know you won't mind. Get thyself to that video store, flirt with the clerk a bit, pick up some B&Js (it's a Cherry Garcia kind of film, believe me), slip this t-shirt on, and then email me and tell me what you think!

Haha! Are you all linked out yet?

I need to go home and get my rollerblades. Roll over to Rain's show and drink some sangria.

So what's the verdict, guys? Should I get Hayley drunk on Sunday and try to shag her? It's so, soooo sleazy it might just work. I might be a bad person. Ah well. I make up for it in other ways, I'm sure.

Have a nice afternoon everyone.


by Nome at 5:07 PM
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