Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blogs I Like

Surfing those undulating blue cyberwaves at 2:00 am always did yield some interesting results.

Here are some of my new favourite sites in Blogland:

1) Elmada -- Ex-pat living in Germany. Sweet! He takes gorgeous photos, and actually seems to find funny things on YouTube -- which these days is a practically superhuman achievement.

2) My So-Called Lesbian Life -- Cute. She posts fun and titillating photos on Wednesdays (where does she find them all?), and occasionally finds some really brilliant and thought-provoking articles. Like this one about a five-year-old who is either incredibly, profoundly self-knowing, or else is in for a helleva lot of pain and ostracism in the years to come. Maybe a bit of both. That and she knew about Sleater-Kinney taking a hiatus before I did, and I have to give her some serious grrrl points for that.

3) FIONA -- She's not really Fiona Apple, but I love her anyway.

4) Rabbit Blog -- Witty, sarcastic, bizarre, and excellent.

So...thanks girls (and guy). For being so cool, and for giving me a reason to not turn on the Life Network (to inevitably watch the ridiculously heteronormative Sexual Secrets) on my Friday night.

By the way, Rain's show tonight was a blast, but Jack kept trying to talk me into coming back to the bookstore which is getting just a teensy bit annoying. He's not making the decision any easier. Both Hayley and the Bro are now firmly against it. They saw me go mental there. And presumably they don't want to see it and hear about it again. You people probably don't either.

But just out of curiosity, what do you guys think? Should I go back to the bookstore, or find something else that brings in a paycheck and that I enjoy at least a bit?

See that link at the bottom of the post that says MEWS? Now's the time to use it. It's not just there because it's pretty, although it certainly is.

And now to sleep, to sleep.


by Nome at 2:02 AM
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