Friday, July 28, 2006

Stalkers, Waxing, and Fortuitous Encounters

My online stalker is back.

I've blocked her three times now but she keeps creating new user accounts and sending me increasingly scary messages. In the latest batch she claims to know that Hayley is sleeping around behind my back, and she says she saw us at the Folk Fest and that she watches Hayley when I'm not around. She also claims that Hayley's only with me so that I won't commit suicide, which is ridiculous, but also deeply cruel and hurtful. It seems like she's trying to break us up and turn us against each other by making me jealous and insecure. Unfortunately since I am neither jealous nor insecure this isn't a tactic that's likely to work anytime soon.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I've already talked to the site adminstrator and she says she can do absolutely nothing to monitor people's behaviour on the site.

Let me just reiterate: This is NOT a woman I know in real life or have EVER spoken to. The only message I ever sent her said "stay away from me," and that was months ago. I never respond to her or do anything to indicate that I am provoked by her sending me upwards of 10 intensely hostile and graphic messages every week. But she just doesn't stop. And now I'm afraid she'll come after me. This community is really small and it wouldn't be hard to hunt me down.

I'm really at my wit's end.

Anyway, on to lighter topics.

I went and got a Brazilian again today. It was pretty funny this time around. Waxing is really something I do for me because I like it and not because of any need to please anyone else, feminism be damned. I got a new esthetician this time, a young and tiny Asian woman with a strong accent who thankfully didn't talk much during the actual waxing. I'm not a fan of the chatty girls as a general rule.

Halfway through the procedure she said to me "Are you alright _____ (butchered pronounciation of my name)?"

"Yeah, I said. I'm fine."

And I was. Honestly I don't really see what the big deal is with Brazilians. Sure, it hurts, but it's a manageable kind of pain and it really doesn't bother me that much.

Then I paused. "What," I asked, "do most people scream?" I was kidding, but she replied in all seriousness in her neat and precise little Asian accent: "Oh yes. They screaming and they crying and they yelling. You are sooo good. Soooo easy!"

Haha. So good and so easy. Best compliment I've gotten in ages.

There was a happy side effect to getting waxed today too. I ran into my friend who works at an outdoor sports store, let's call him Lance. Lance is one of the most unconventional-looking guys I've ever seen. He's absolutely covered in tattoos from head to toe, mainly Australian aboriginal-style designs, his head is almost always shaved, he sports a foot-long two-tiered bright red beard, and he always has at least two large pieces of wood in his earlobes. Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, he's truly one of the sweetest guys I know, and I was thrilled to run into him. He's moving into a new apartment and has a new cell phone, so we finally exchanged numbers. Yay. What a swell guy he is.

I spoke to my mom on the phone about the stalker and she was worried, as always. Maybe I shoudn't have told her, but this woman is insane and I think her behaviour is escalating. I just deleted my whole profile from the site and I sincerely hope this will be the end of it.

And now.....I desperately need to get outside!


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