Saturday, September 23, 2006

Best. First. Date. Ever.

I should be sleeping right now since I'm totally fucking wrecked, but I couldn't resist coming on here to tell you about my date.

Oh boy. I need to give her a name now. Let's call her Claire.

In person, she was even more stunning than in her photos. She's this tiny redhaired wildcat of a girl, with bright eyes the colour of the ocean right after the sun goes down. Grayish-greenish-blueish wow. She has these little adorable freckles, and she's this fascinating combination of girly and rugged. A real firecracker, in short. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, and I was trying to not let it sway me. Fortunately, she's also incredibly sweet, patient, creative, kind, and smart, as well as hilariously funny and a little bit wild. She definitely had a personality to match.

Claire didn't set off my gaydar at all, and apparently she doesn't set off anyone else's either. She told me that when she was driving to my house this guy on a Harley rode up beside her and started coming on to her. "Who tries to pick someone up on the freeway?" she asked. I just laughed. Then told me she had yelled out the window to the guy "I'm gay!!" but this didn't seem to dissuade him in the slightest. Finally she got exasperated and yelled "I'm driving! Into town! To go on a date! With a girl!!!" He was still as dense as a loaf of sourdough rye, so she gave up and sped away.

I made her three cds, one of K'nann's album, one of a random Be Your Own Pet mix, and another with a mix I spent several painstaking hours cobbling together from what she had told me of her musical tastes as well as some of mine. She listened to Claire's Mix on the hour long drive home, and she texted me to say she loves it.

We went out for dinner and then to see K'nann downtown, and the show was wicked. Afterwards the place reverted back to its usual hip-hop, urban, r&b club scene, and we decided to get a drink and stay for some dancing and prime people-watching.

We were getting closer and closer on the dance floor and when we retreated to a corner for some cool air-conditioned oxygen we got even closer still. I still have no idea who made the first move -- I think it was a group effort -- but at some point we kissed and it was so amazing I didn't want to stop. And so we didn't, that is until I realised there was a big sweaty drunk guy leaning on us and slurring something mildly rhetorical like "hey girls, getting some kiss action there?" while a bunch of other guys cheered in the background. Ugh. We both realised at the same time that gee, maybe this was not such a good idea in a straight club full of hyped-up undersexed and overdressed dudes.

So we left and went to the only girly bar in the city, which was blissfully free of drunken straight guys. I could scarcely keep my hands off her, and neither could she. I had to remind myself at various intervals that, um, yeah, we were still in public.

In short, she was everything I wanted her to be and more. I have never been kissed like that, ever. It was somehow both incredibly tender and incredibly sexy. She's hot beyond belief, and seems to be refreshingly free of the hang-ups and neuroses that Hayley carried around with her. She may be quite brilliant and artistically very gifted, but she's also utterly down-to-earth and very easy to get along with.

I don't know at what point one is permitted to get one's hopes up (probably not yet), but I'm excited about her. I want her to stick around. She was my best first date ever, after all.

I wish I hadn't had to go to work the next day, though that didn't stop me from staying out until 2:00 when I still had to write up my lesson plan. Oops. My class went well nonetheless. I only had one student, but he was a sweet kid and a hard worker. More about that later.

Three-and-a-half hours of sleep and four hours of classes later, I still feel butterflies.

Ah. Life is good.


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