Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crushes and Space Cowboys

Now I suffer for your hungry eye
Oh why must it see more than mine?
It's a light you're after, 'cause light moves faster
But when I ride again into the night
My torch will shoot flames strong and bright
And my absence will remind you of
How tough it is to be in love
And it's not what I think it's what you say,
And it works great for you to have your way,
But the west can be a desperate place
You search all day for just a taste
Of the cold, cold water, cold, cold water
And if you think i've gone too long
Listen the sky will sing this song
As it burns up all the memories
That flow like water out of me
-Mirah - Cold Cold Water

I simply adore this song. It's such a strangely epic little tune, sung by a woman who sounds like a little girl and yet somehow manages to make that sexy.

Okay, I get it. No one wants to indulge my little intellectual hard-on over KT Tunstall, and I accept that. I figured most of you would be bored to tears by that rambling self-indulgent tripe anyway. I have no doubt that most people on this earth find textual analysis about as compelling as watching paint dry, so let's just move on.

Ever since my crazy night at the Hollywood party I can't seem to feed myself adequately. I feel like I'm always eating, but I never feel very full for very long. Just about every time that I tell someone in passing that I'm really hungry all the time they propose that maybe I'm pregnant. Then I mutter something under my breath about immaculate conception, they say "what?" I say "nevermind," and we both get on with it. I think that sort of getting-on-with-it is what's necessary here.

The new redhead I have a huge crush on sent me a bunch of photos this morning, and she's fucking beyond adorable. Bright red hair, amazing clear green eyes, the works. I'm one of the least shallow people I know, but DAMN. She's hot. We had another phone date the other night and it was really quite lively and rewarding to talk to her. She told me about her paintings and her childhood - I could have listened to her talk for hours, but she was always asking me questions so I never felt like either of us was monopolizing the conversation. I had a dream last night that I was kissing her in a grassy field next to a jagged wire fence - it was pretty hot indeed. I woke up to a text message from Jon, our mutual friend who failed to call me back the night before, saying: "Sorry I got distracted reading about a trans porn star. She says she likes you. And wants to meet you." I wrote him that I definitely had a crush on her, and he replied "Ha u two r so cute. When is the wedding?" Haha. Yeah, right.

I went to another job interview today, and at the end of it I left the office with a new grand total of five sources of employment:

1) Writing the aforementioned stalled little novel.
2) Teaching at the ESL school downtown.
3) Teaching Saturday classes to kids at the prep school in Richmond.
4) Bartending part-time, ie. whenever the fuck they feel like calling me.
5) Holding down a spot on the sub list at the college for international students where I was interviewed this afternoon.


I had lunch and coffee avec Le Boy today. He's such a funny and intellectually-stimulating lad, and I've missed him. It occurred to me in the shower today how very sad I would be if we lost touch. Perhaps this is just because of our shared history - he's known me since I was 16-year-old actual jailbait (rather than just looking it as I do now), and he has known me in pretty much every way it's possible to know a person -- emotionally, physically, dare I say Biblically? Haha. I dare.

After lunch he insisted that we huddle around his laptop in the coffee shop around the corner and watch a couple of episodes of Firefly, a show which he was stubbornly confident (as always) that I would love. He was right. Everyone has been asking me to watch it for ages now, and I'm glad I finally did. The dialogue is superb, the acting quite brilliant, the casting impeccable, the premise fun and engaging, and the plot moves at a pace that somehow makes character development not only feasible but absolutely intrinsic to the whole concept. There's something Star Trek meets Star Wars about Firefly, but it's a lot classier than both, and it's also strangely more believable on a human level. The space cowboy shtick is also just way too cool for words. I found myself giggling and exclaiming "oh look, space horses!" at random intervals.

I rarely rave about TV shows except in a very guilty pleasure kind of way, but this is one show I think absolutely everyone should track down and watch. I'm borrowing the rest of the dvds from Jack, but what a crying shame that the thing got cancelled after 13 episodes. I'm sure that Fence with her love for River and Kaylee shares my pain.

Rather than make this too long yet again, I shall sign off.



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