Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Good First Date - Finally!

Yesterday seems like a life ago
Cause the one I love
Today I hardly know
You I held so close in my heart oh dear
Grow further from me
With every fallen tear
It wouldnt have worked out any way
So now its just another lonely day
Further along we just may
But for now its just another lonely day...
-Ben Harper - Another Lonely Day

I don't really feel as melancholy as these lyrics would suggest, but I do love that song.

I actually went on a great first date last night. I had low expectations, because I've been thinking so much about the redhead, but as it turned out I really rather liked this other girl. She's something of a kindred spirit in that she's a bit of a nerd like I am. Actually, she's a huge nerd, and it's hot. She solved my computer problems over poutine and cherry coke at my favourite diner, and we browsed my favourite used bookstore before it closed. She was witty, charming, adorable, and sharp as a whip. I couldn't believe how smart she was, and yet how little she seemed to flaunt it. Her intelligence was just as natural as her brown hair and cute little face.

I was definitely attracted to her, but not in a sparks flying kind of way. I could tell it was the sort of attraction that would build in time like a slow-burning fire on a cold day. I had this with Hayley too. My attraction to her went from shrug-worthy on our first meeting and built up to the moment seven months later when we were standing in her kitchen and she leaned over and bit me, hard, on the neck. Not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to send shivers all the way down my spine. She was teasing me, and I knew it. I wish I could say it was the last time, but since it was the first time I just growled under my breath and whispered "god that turns me on." She knew it, too.

Anyway, I sent this girl some text messages last night in what was kind of a risky attempt to let her know that I'd really had a very good time on our date. I agonized about these messages during an entirely too melodramatic night at the club, where Sophie ran into her ex and the mutual friend that she had cheated on her with, oh, about two weeks ago. That situation plus the fact that it was Wednesday night and the place was entirely dead made my evening not so much fun, on the whole.

But...she sent me an email this morning telling me she'd had a great time and found me to be both "charming and humourous."


Gotta go for lunch with my great-aunt.

More later.

And by the way, WHY SO MANY LURKERS?! 60-70+ hits per day and just about no comments! Where is everyone, and why are you all so quiet? I don't bite (unless you really want me to) and I'd love to hear what you think of my site, my posts, my photos, pluots, whatever.

So speak!


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