Sunday, March 06, 2005

my evening is worth 1000 words

Sitting here at the computer trying to get enough research together to compose an imbecilic 1000-word essay for Children's Lit. It's imbecilic because you can't do a damn thing in 1000 words except announce that you have a point that you'd explain if your word count was a bit less stingy.

Does anyone know what 'amortization' means? I need an actual definition. was useless, for once in its glorious, information-giving life. It's rare that I find a word I don't understand and doesn't help me. I feel like an old friend has let me down. What a shameless nerd I am!

I promise to write something less inane if I finish at a reasonable hour.

As usual, there is lots to blab about and not enough time to blab it in.

At least Blogger doesn't constrain me to a word count. I would have to teach myself to hack my way around it.

That is all. Carry on.


by Nome at 7:18 PM
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