Saturday, May 28, 2005

Beck, boys, and better coworkers

Story of my life:

I prayed heaven today
Would bring its hammer down on me
And pound you out of my head
I can't think with you in it

I'd drag all that I owned
Down the dirt road to find you
And my shoes, worn-out and used
They can't take me much farther

Something always takes the place of missing pieces
You can take and put together even though
You know there's something missing

The sun burned a hole in my roof
I can't seem to fix it
And I hope rain doesn't come
Wash me down the gutter

Something always takes the place of missing pieces
You can take and put together even though
You know there's something missing

She rides in a car
Like a queen on a card
And the guns of her mind
Aim a line straight at mine
To a heart that is broke
Tried to feel but got choked
In the smoke of a desert
A beach with no treasure
A night that seems blue
Feed the aching in you
And the background birds
Take a flight from the earth
A bonfire burns
And the night current turns
On a lifeboat floating
Down a river of sleep
Can't see her hollow eyes
Walking along with my boots full of rocks
Can't believe these tears of mine
I give 'em to you to keep away in a box
-Beck -- Missing

Did I mention I am utterly obsessed with Beck's new album? Everyone just go out and buy it right now. Don't ask questions, and don't download it. The man's a genius and he deserves your money.

Not only do the lyrics really speak to me, but the beats are phat, as the kids are saying these days. Damn. It's like listening to some insanely talented people jamming in their insanely well-equipped garage studio. It's a perfect and immaculately-composed album and yet it's utterly down-to-earth at the same time.

If you don't believe me, listen to these dudes:

Rolling Stone Magazine

Didn't write anything last night cause I went to M.'s going-away party and got back late feeling sleepy and with too much beer in my system. It was a fun night, despite the frat boy types who brought a beer keg and made jokes about what they would do with my genitals and a tennis racket every time I went to fill up my cup. I was pretty good-humoured about the whole thing. Harrassment like that is getting to be pretty much the norm in my life, sadly.

There were also a lot of eligible guys there, including this impossibly cute friend of a friend called Ray. He was super-sweet and smiley, with adorable curly blond hair, and he teaches guitar and works as a bartender. My kind of boy. His friend (and mine) confirmed for me that despite the fact that he serves drinks in a gay bar, he is indeed straight. A "he's not gay" would probably have sufficed, but instead my friend launched into this long anecdote about how he caught Ray in bed with a girl. I think he was rather drunk or perhaps taking E. My friend, not Ray.

Then there was this guy I've sort of had hanging around in the back of my mind for years. I see him at parties every few months. He is totally adorable with black hair and the deepest of brown eyes, and he's ALWAYS touching me. Not in an X-rated way, but in the way guys touch girls when they're dating. He tends to sneak up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. He also calls me 'darling' and slaps my ass at least twice per evening. Like I said, back of my mind, and he's also good friends with someone I have loads of history with, so it remains a slim possibility. Plus I really like him and I know he falls hard for girls so I don't want to break his heart with the lukewarm commitment I am currently offering.

Lukewarm as in "hi there. I'll sleep with you, but please don't introduce me to your parents. Ever. Don't expect me to be around in a month and don't make me lie to you. A leash? Hell no! Take that thing off right now!"

I am so insanely excited about lunch with Julie next week. I will definitely surpass her in enthusiasm, so as usual I will have to fake it and pretend that yeah, alright, I'll have lunch with you, no big deal, no, really, it isn't the only thing that got me through the week or anything like that, no, I don't like you, naw, I don't think you're beautiful or anything, no I really don't want to touch your hair, nope, no siree, just friends, straight as a whip!

Haha. Self-delusion rules.

There is a fake inspirational poster with a picture of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker on it. It reads: "Denial: Because if he isn't your father you can keep banging your sister." Price. less. (the pause was intentional).

I'm in a good mood because I've got a good mix of people to work with again. Tara and Cris (slightly cantankerous bookseller, though not nearly as bad as Tara and she seems to be warming up to me somewhat) aren't around, and instead we have:

1) Jack - super-chill, super-smart guy who recommended the book I got for L.P. - the ONLY one the kid will read! I adore this guy. He is a children's author himself and is into sci-fi, fantasy, and Star Wars. He is also a big softie and loves puppies. For real.

2) Julia - lovely girl, a bit quiet but really sweet and helpful, grew up in the UK and has a gorgeous accent.

3) Carrie - our music specialist, she burned an Aimee Mann cd for me today and I love her for it. She plays in a band and I'm going to her gig tomorrow night.

4) Sierra - Manga expert, super-smart, super-nice, incredibly knowledgeable and scarily good at everything. I like her a lot.

5) Sara - lovely girl who goes to school with my brother. Had lunch with her today at the bistro next to the store. She's insanely good with numbers and is going to university to study biochemical medical sciences or something equally terrifying -- from my point of view, anyway.

6) Emma - She has nearly the same taste in books as me. Not totally sure she likes me, but unlike with Tara, I always hope that she does. She is always underestimating her own stellar ability to recommend books for people.

7) Nickie - cute little 16-year-old gift-wrapper. I think she's used to people basically ignoring her and ordering her around, but I didn't. I asked her questions and told her jokes and hopefully we will be pals.

8) Boss #1 - Snapped at me today about leaving some receipts on the counter. That was weird, but otherwise I genuinely enjoy working with her. She's smart and on top of things and always knows the best shortcuts in the computer.

9) Katie - A teacher with amazingly blue eyes and a very sensitive and charming disposition. She gave me advice about L.P. and how to deal with dyslexia over lunch yesterday. I really, really like having her in the store and am sad that she only works one shift a week.

So I am in a relatively good mood. I've been going out a lot, which means that I am tired but happy. PR has a new girlfriend, which I am thrilled about as well. It seems to take some of the heat and heaviness of our history together off his shoulders, and she seems like a nice enough girl.

Tonight I am off to another of S.'s drag shows, which I have come to love going to. So many cute girls. And these ones don't mind if I stare. I have decided that if every person in the entire world was openly bisexual, the world would be a much better place.

Plus, the Mew Cat is being nice to me. Perhaps because I don't make much noise and I'm not here a lot.

Still debating about the MP3 player. It's either the Zen Touch or the IRiver H340. Anybody know computers and have an opinion on the subject? Or someone who has one of these models themselves or can recommend another similar one? Please let me know.

My coworkers names are deeply fictional, by the way. They can probably recognize themselves from the descriptions, which is why I protect their anonymity when it comes to total strangers reading my blog. And if you work at my store, OUT! Even if I'm saying nice things about you, adults ask permission before they read other people's journals. Thanks!

So there you go, a long post. Now comment, for cripes' sakes!

Who is cripe, anyway? Elifino.


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