Sunday, May 29, 2005

really not for the kiddies...

Of course, nothing on my blog is really for the kiddies, but this entry will be especially and intentionally inappropriate.

As JaG has tagged me (heh heh a tag from the JaG! I'm a big dork), I'm going to do her entertaining little meme before bed. Then I will promptly tag five other lucky ducks and if they play it like the interview game (i.e. not at all!) then I will be most disappointed. But in my world, none of the questions are optional. Either share, or be a big square. Your choice.

Okay here goes:

Last Five Songs I Listened To:

1) Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
2) Stars on 54 - If You Could Read My Mind (written by Gordon Lightfoot - a Canadian!)
3) Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares to You (lovely song, but it makes me SO sad)
4) Beck - Black Tambourine
5) Amanda Marshall - Beautiful Goodbye

[I've been feeling alternately pop-y and pensive, plus I've been listening to the soft rock station just because it's so cheesy it's good. The Sinead O'Connor song was playing in a convenience store when I went in and I sang along to it shamelessly as the cashier snickered. I didn't give a SHIT what he thought]

Last Five Movies I Saw:

1) Les Choristes, aka The Chorus
2) Dear Frankie
3) Finding Nemo
4) Kill Bill 2
5) Good Morning Vietnam

Last Five Books I Read (this is the easiest question on the list!):

1) Olivia Kidney - by Ellen Potter (stellar book - a deeply compelling Alice in Wonderland for the 21st century).
2) A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Bad Beginning - by Lemony Snicket (didn't like it all that much...a bit tedious and didactic really, and smacked of making-it-up-as-I-go-along)
3) Stiff - by Barbara Roach (fascinating, creepy, morbid, funny, and utterly unique)
4) A Friend for Dragon - by Dav Pilkey (sweet little story Julie recommended about a little blue dragon who befriends an apple because he doesn't realise it's an inanimate object - a bit like me talking soothingly to the credit card machine so it will scan a bloody stubborn card. A walrus ends up eating the apple and the dragon buries it in a sad little ceremony. Then of course a tree grows and the dragon has lots of friends.
5) The Three Questions - illustrated by Jon J. Muth (a brilliant picture book explaining in a beautifully simple way the mysteries of Leo Tolstoy to young children).

Can ya tell I sell books to kids??!

Last Five Cultured Events Attended:

1) Does a drag show count?
2) Carrie's chill little gig in a little restaurant with only a keyboard and a guitar for a band.
3) My aunt's photography show
4) My school's student film festival
5) One of my friend's plays....probably, but that was a while ago.

In conclusion, I am an uncultured lout.

Last Five Masturbatory Fantasies (ooh fun!):

1) That dream I had in which Julie said she liked my tongue and wanted to kiss me. She made the first move and was super-confident about it. Then I gave her exactly what she wanted until she couldn't take it anymore, and then continued anyways. Haven't gone much further than that even in my mind because it's torturously impossible in real life, and not in a titilating celebrity-fantasy kind of way.

2) The idea of taking home a girl from the bar, one of the dark-eyed, long-haired pretty ones I saw last night. Then I'd find out that she's totally wild in addition to being beautiful and sexy. She'd take things really slowly until I'm comfortable, and she'd let me play with her hair, which would smell really nice and would be really soft and a bit curly. She would have the smoothest skin in the world. And then she would get a little bit rough and handcuff me to the bed (real handcuffs, none of the fluffy stuff) and play with me until I pass out from pleasure. Then I would wake up with my wrists a bit bruised, spooning her, which would turn out to be the greatest feeling ever.

3) One of my biggest turn-ons is watching guys touch themselves. I've always wanted a guy to let me watch the whole time, but they're almost always too shy or just don't get it. It's a huge fantasy of mine to just turn a guy on completely, until he's really hard and totally aching for it, but not to let him touch me and for me to stop myself from touching him. There would just be a rule that the only person you can touch is yourself. I think that would be incredibly hot.

4) I guess this is a bit odd, but the last time I had sex while stoned it was amazing and I'd love to do it again. I often have this fantasy with a friend of mine where we smoke just enough weed to be turned on but not enough to be sleepy and then I just lean over and kiss him, completely without warning, totally out of the blue. We never discuss the sex part, we just do it, and he somehow knows exactly where and how to touch me. I give him oral sex until he's begging for it, and then I make him wait a while and we just make out. He turns out to be a great kisser and his hair is all spiky at the back.

I am tagging the following lucky people:
1) Storm Rider - the man who created the masturbatory fantasy
2) Dag - just cause
3) Anne - because I haven't the foggiest clue what she will do with the last question and I'm curious.
4) Forgottenmachine - for the same reason.
5) Ricky
- because somebody's gotta give him something fun and frivolous to do.

Guess the clubbing post will have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm chewing bubble gum right now and I just accidentally bit my tongue so hard that it's bleeding. That's one of the least fun things I've done lately.


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