Sunday, May 29, 2005

lack of commentary bothers the Nome

I just wrote a whole great post that I loved but it got DELETED!!!! because my fucking computer shut itself off again. Fuck. I had to call the Computer Boys this time. Hopefully they'll fix it for me.

I have to go to Carrie's gig in a moment, so for now I will just express my intense displeasure at the lack of commentary on my blog lately. JaG and Fence and a few others are total stars and I love them. However, I get many, many, many more hits on here per day than comments. Who are you people? Bloody well say something already! You can't all be shy or have nothing to say. Come on - I'm not scary! I won't bite unless you want me to. More likely I will send you a nice email or two, and maybe ship you some books.

To express my appreciation in advance, I will now post some depersonalized but rather fun photos of myself.

Please and thank you.

See how polite I am?! This is why Boss #2 says I have good phone manners.

Tomorrow or perhaps later tonight I'll write about my interesting evening among lesbians. That too should be a good time.

Gotta burn that Beck cd for Carrie now. Only my favourite Music Goddess gets a burned copy. It's partly to thank her for being the only person at work whose response to "your eye makeup is running" is "my boyfriend made me cry this morning. And not because I was sad." That sentence entertained me all day long.



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