Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nome is where the heart is...

That's the new link on my sidebar. It goes to my Flickr photo collection, and it exists solely due to Forgottenmachine and his super-entertaining bout of Googlism. It's not a disease, it's a phenomenomenomenon.

In case you're suffering from a bout of link revulsion, which is very similar to the chronic illness commentingonotherpeople'sblogophobia, which just about everyone who reads my blog seems to be afflicted with these days, here are the Googles (like the giggles) about the Nome:

nome is where the heart is

nome is a little know treasure for birders

nome is essentially two parts

nome is thrust onto the world stage for two weeks every march

nome is a small goldrush

nome is built on a bench of gently sloping coastline on the shores of the bering sea

nome is the place where legends were made
nome is the gateway city

I like the first one, of course, and the one about the birders. That one's just too perfect.

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. JaG, I know you don't like them, but I've seen a few nice ones lately that I think are really cute. I don't want something super-huge, in a very painful spot, or with a design that will scare children. I was hoping to go for something pretty-but-slightly-edgy, and failing that I will settle for pretty-but-not-sucky. I'm thinking a collection of stars of various shapes and colours across the back of my right shoulder. What do the tattooed among you think of that?

I was thinking about it again mainly because today I went to my favourite outdoor store and hung out with one of my favourite tattooed people, an employee I always talk to called Lance. He is one of the scariest-looking people you'll ever meet -- he's got stretched holes in his ears with twigs poked through them, a long red beard that he ties all kinds of elastics into, blue-black sun design tattoos covering about 70% of his body (basically everywhere save his crotch and upper back), a shaved head, and a couple of piercings. But he is, I shit you not, one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest, most entertaining and also utterly innocuous guys I have ever met. He's the kind of guy I would want to run into in a scary neighbourhood if someone was harrassing me. He's like the BFG. [JaG will explain to you who that is in case your childhood was sadly bereft of Roald Dahl]. He's also loads of fun to talk to. He gave me the card of his tattoo artist, after ensuring me that the place he goes to is friendly and run by women, and that he is not a masochist but simply endures the pain of tattooing because he likes the designs.

I think the woman who sold me my shoes today was on coke. She was really, really, really manic and did things really quickly and talked a million miles a minute and kept sniffing. Then again, she may have just downed a double-espresso and taken an antihistamine.

I joined a group for bloggers in my 'hood. It's called and I'm going to, well, "meet up" with some of them in a few weeks. I'm a bit excited about it because some of them seem pretty neat. But one can never tell by reading profiles. That's why it's good to meet them in person.

If any of you Meetup groupies are on the site, WELCOME! You all better show up on the 16th or I will be one unhappy Nome.

Does anyone ever read those I Saw You ads in the paper? I always secretly imagine I will be the person someone is seeking. But I never am, and after reading through half the page I am so bored by people's shyness and insecurity that I move on to Savage Love, which I, well, love. Bestest, most politically-aware, intelligent, and audacious sex column ever.

You all should know that sometimes I make up new words and new pronunciations. Recent ones include:

-island - pronounced IZ-LAND.
-muscles - pronounced MUSK-ULS.
-bestest - like 'best,' only bester.
-craptacular - stolen from a Christmas episode of The Simpsons where Homer puts up a ridiculously incompetent light display.
-fellationship - this is actually Dag's word - it refers to a relationship in which there is sex but really nothing else worth noting.
-crapfully - somewhat stolen from Strongbad.
-bossi - the plural of 'boss.'
-defurerererer - the sticky paddle that removes my cats' hair from my clothing.
-aspirator (see also the verb 'to aspirate') - a vacuum cleaner. From the French 'aspirateur.'
-to boulverse - To generally shake and otherwise fuck things up. From the French 'boulverser'
-bunt - originally my mother's word, made up 15-20 years ago. Refers to a clumsy, forgetful, or stupid person. See also 'bunty'
-mumph - the noise made when someone tries to wake you up in the middle of the night. And a creature who makes said noise. Also my mother's word.
-cuddlefish - see also 'cuddlecow.' A person or animal who enjoys cuddling.

And there are more.

But I'll stop bugging you.

One of the banks in town is offering a free IPod Shuffle when you open a new chequing account. SOLD to the Nome!



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