Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Free advertising for a good cause!

I just wanted to encourage you all to go check out Cait's new blog, which she is posting from Exeter, England.

I've changed the link on my sidebar to her new site as well, so click away!

I'm not just posting this because I'm incredibly biased about my bestest friend and want everyone to read and comment on her adventures, but also because Cait's blog is damn entertaining and she has been uncharacteristically dilligent (sorry, Cait, but it's true!) at posting regularly. I really think it's worth a visit or ten.

Dag and Kev - when you visit her site, check out how scarily Cait's residence resembles the infamous Falaises! It's really uncanny! And she even has a flatmate called Miguel! CAIT! STAY AWAY FROM MIGUEL! I'm just kidding - we former Lausannois girls have bad associations with guys called Miguel. Have I told you that story yet??

I am majorly envious of the rad time she's having, and I hope she continues to enjoy standing on the purple moor with the wind in her hair looking all Catherine from Wuthering Heights! Brilliant.

I really have nothing to report on this end. I am just living vicariously through the fascinating lives of my friends.



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