Saturday, July 01, 2006

CANADA is great because....

So, I guess I'm back into my gainfully unemployed sleep schedule, namely going to sleep at 2:00 or 3:00 am and getting up around noon. Fuck, I am sooo lazy.

I could scarcely drag myself out of bed today, but I had to do it because today is CANADA DAY and I was having brunch with my great-aunt at this semi-posh restaurant in Kits. It was....okay, but my mind was not blown, no food-related orgasms were had, and the service was mediocre (though our waitress was really cute and had a lot of pretty hot and poorly-concealed tattoos). I had a scrambled egg, spinach, and potato concoction, which was good but not amazing. They'd clearly spent more time on the presentation than on the actual flavours. I had a smoothie which was too sweet and some ice cream which was good but Cute Tattoo Girl forgot to bring our coffee, which kind of put a damper on our noble attempt to have dessert at breakfast.

Bah, give me The Templeton any day! I am a simple soul, and if I want something deluxe I will find someone sweet and loaded enough to take me here for the real deal. Yep, Lumiere is the best restaurant in town, AND they have their own website. Put that in your squeeze bottle and drizzle it!!

Anyway, I didn't plan to post about food, I planned to post about CANADA and why it's so wonderful, since it is after all CANADA DAY.

Any patriotism from here on in must be excused, because today I am allowed.

Ten Reasons I love being a CANADIAN GIRL:

1) Genuine multiculturalism -- I saw a turbaned Sikh man smiling at a little English rose of a girl today on the seawall, and my heart did a fancy little leap. Then I passed an Asian family having a picnic with some Middle Eastern children, and saw a fire-juggler entertaining kids of all ages and colours. We're not perfect, but that scene made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

2) Free health care -- My mom's having a big operation in a few months, and we're worried. Worried about the risks involved, and worried because she'll be out of it for so long afterwards. What are we NOT worried about? MONEY. Thank Krishna for the MSP!

3) Individuality -- If I really wanted to, I could cut my hair short, wear cargo pants and huge t-shirts with the female symbol on them, spell women 'womyn,' move to Commercial Drive, and drink wheatgrass juice for the rest of my life. I don't not because I can't, but because I prefer a strawberry smootie and a little tank top any day of the week.

4) Gay Marriage -- yeah, so what if that fucker Stephen Harper's trying to overrule it?! We have it, it's working, and GOD DAMN IT, it's the law! And that makes me happy.

5) A Modicum of Social Equality -- Sure, we don't make out in public, mainly because what's the point, but I know if I want to kiss my girlfriend with people around, I can do it and more people will think it's cute than abhorrent. The times they are a changing.

6) Safety -- I have never been mugged, beaten, robbed, shot at, raped, kidnapped, or bombed. Am I just lucky? Hell yes, but I'm also lucky to live in a place where this doesn't happen all that often.

7) Peacekeeping over profiteering -- Sure, the Canadian army usually gets stuck picking up and wiping off countries that the US has bombed the hell out of after the damage is already done. But dammit, at least we're trying!

8) Politeness -- Yes, politeness. Remember that? It's when you don't slam doors on people, or rush to be the first off the bus, or budge in line because you have someplace more important to be. It's a concept sorely lacking in countries like Spain and parts of France, and let's face it, most of the developing world. Do they have more pressing things to think about? Maybe. But a little courtesy goes a long way.

9) The Banter -- Only in Canada and possibly in England (who taught us most of what we know about manners) can I go into a video store, notice that one of the employees has great taste in movies, and banter with her about it the next time I'm in. And if she happens to be rather adorable and possibly even queer, well, I never would have known that if we weren't a little bit social to begin with. And I think that's swell.

10) Poutine -- Oh how I love you even though you're so bad for me. What other country, except in the Quebecois portion of ours, could Le Peuple come up with a dish comprised of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy and make it not only edible, but also fantastic? No one. Just us. Seulement nous.

Three cheers for Canada. May I always be able in some small way to call this place HOME.

Happy Canada Day everyone!


p.s. I took the photo above in Amsterdam. Strange because I live in B.C. I shouldn't have to get my weed from Holland!! Grrr...

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