Thursday, July 13, 2006

quick update!

Well, I'm back.

I had an okay unweekend. I did eat my peaches, and some raspberries, and grapes, and cherries, and just about every other fruit that's in season. I also made several patented (okay, not patented) Nome sandwiches.

The Nome Sandwich

-2 slices havarti cheese, if it has jalapenos in it all the better.
-two pieces roasted red pepper turkey breast. Regular turkey is fine too, just not as tasty.
-two slices of ridiculously healthy high-fibre bread of the kind that squirrels would eat if they ate bread.
-dollop of Miracle Whip. This is actually important. Regardless of what you may think of Kraft, I don't think mayo can't hold a candle to this stuff.
-excessive amounts of fresh baby spinach, organic if you're so inclined.

Put together and enjoy!

I didn't get to go to the beach, because on Day 1 it rained, and on Day 2 it was cloudy and we had to leave for the ferry early. Curses. I did have a couple of interesting sleeps in which I dreamed about Kylie (remember the amazing but frustrating girl who broke my heart last summer?) and other strange things.

I thought about Hayley a lot, of course. I don't entirely know what it was we decided the other day, if anything. Clearly, we can't be friends. Not now, anyway. It would take months and months of separation for me to even get to the point where just-friendship with her would be something I could even contemplate. She claims her email wasn't intended as a break-up. But she repeated that tired old line: "I can't be in a relationship right now."

So blafuckingbla, overwrought drama. I love her and will stay. Only time will tell if this is foolishly loyal, foolishly loving, or just plain foolish. I wish Cait was around to talk to about this.

But Jag and Dag (ha! Your names rhyme) have been great. Thanks, girls.

So.....anyone have an opinion on me reading a version of the Giant Identity Rant in public, at a show, in front of several dozen peoples?

Cause, er, I think I actually signed on to do just that in August.

Gotta go visit my grandmother now!



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