Friday, July 07, 2006


From a comment I posted on Shephard's Alley:

...My neighbour down the hall is a single white mother of three huge and gangsterish black teenage sons and a rather wild teenage daughter. She's sweet, and a bit plucky, and I like her.

Last week I was going to a concert and desperately needed someone to tie my most excellent James Dean tie (being a girl, I never learned to tie one properly in my youth). I figured that since my neigbour had had two husbands she'd probably know how to tie one.

I knocked on her door and asked her, and she replied: "honey, both my husbands were blue collar. I ain't worked my way up to the white collar yet! The only ties I have these days are on my bedposts!"

I laughed myself all the way to my concert, where I got my friend Jon to attempt my tie. It worked, sort of...

Later I called Hayley and told her the story. She laughed, and asked if Jon had managed to tie the thing properly. I said "well, kind of, but he did it a bit backwards. He's just not there yet." She asked why, and I replied "well, because after only one testosterone shot and no surgery, he's not yet quite a boy." Aw.

I will never be a boy, and yet I'm going to learn to tie my own ties if it kills me.

Sorry, I'm posting like a fucking madman today. One more and then I'm gone, I promise.


by Nome at 4:49 PM
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