Wednesday, July 05, 2006

still stressing...

I'm watching Poltergeist: The Legacy, an ancient TV show that I used to love for some inexplicable reason. I realise it's pretty bad, but it's also slightly entertaining.

Plus, Helen Shaver is in it, and I used to take kickboxing classes with her son. He was a cute little blond character with an orange belt.

I'm still stressing out about Hayley. HELP!

The other day I accidentally introduced her to my brother's friend as "Hayley," which of course isn't her real name. Fortunately, it is my brother's friend's name (although he's a boy and spells it differently), so I got away with what was really a fairly sizable embarrassment.

I had a dream about endless red meadows last night, and I woke up with "Strawberry Fields Forever" in my head.

I went for a sunset rollerblade with the Bro last night, which was truly nice. I got chased down by two teeny little yippy dogs on the seawall, and all I could do was laugh. They were so convinced that they were big and scary instead of small and fluffy, and I had to admire their tenacity.

Whoa, Helen Shaver's giving birth to a demon baby. This show is too much.

No more energy for writing.


by Nome at 1:48 PM
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