Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Vixen in the Elevator

My brain is pretty much eating itself at the moment, but I'm not going to go there.

Instead, I'm going to tell you another True Nome Story.

Yesterday I was in the elevator of my building, talking to my dad through the door about why the liquor store has stopped selling single cans of beer (too many alcoholics loitering outside). He headed to the laundry room and I was heading down to the parking garage so I let the door close just as I saw a familiar flash of red hair. I hit the door open button and let into the elevator a tiny vixen of a redheaded girl. Let's call her Callie.

I said hi, and we had a slightly awkward conversation in which she told me she was now bartending at a local restaurant, and I nodded and said that was a pretty good gig. I said bye and shuffled out into the garage. Why the awkwardness, you may ask?

Well, let's blame it on the internet.

Last year I started getting messages from a 30-something-year-old guy we'll call Paul. I found him to be a pretty boring and unremarkable individual on the whole, but the plot thickened when he told me he was dating a girl I knew and they were looking for another girl so they could have a threesome. I was pretty close to laughing when started wondering who on earth this other girl was. I told Paul that I lived across from where he works, and so he figured out that I lived in the same building as his girlfriend.

Online, this girl is a complete vixen. She posted a sultry photo, albeit one in which you couldn't possibly recognize her, and announced in her profile that she was only interested in older men -- she even gave an age range, something like 28-35. Once I figured out that this girl was in fact Callie, I was slightly disturbed. We used to play hide-and-seek together, we took the bus to high school together, and her best friend used to crawl through my friend Sophie's bedroom window at night for various teenage adventures. I've known her since we were children, and since she's several years younger than me, I pretty much still think of her as a child. Never mind all the rumours I've been hearing in recent years about how she moved to Jamaica and was working as an escort when she wasn't even 21. Needless to say she dropped the threesome idea once we figured out that we in fact knew each other rather well.

In person, this girl is still pretty much the sweet little kid I knew when she was in Grade 8. She's polite, demure, neatly-dressed, and approaching ordinary.

Isn't the internet great? You can be whoever you want, even to the girl who lives two floors above you.

But boy are those elevator moments ever awkward.


by Nome at 12:32 PM
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