Saturday, July 08, 2006

Drinking and Dialing

Hayley called me tonight while I was hanging out with my dad, my aunt, and my grandmother, drinking filtered water and discussing the World Cup. It was not the most raucous evening I've ever had.

She was incredibly drunk on margaritas (blended, not on the rocks) and was watching dinner theatre in some awful comedy bar way out in the boonies. She'd called to complain about her predicament, which was really just hilarious. Abba-like music boomed and twittered in the background, and I just laughed and laughed. It was nice to laugh with her again, even if I was mainly laughing at her.

I told her my mom was inviting her to my dad's birthday party tomorrow. Her response was "you're inviting me to a party even though I'm a stupid bitch?!" I decided I didn't want to repeat the words 'stupid bitch,' with my grandmother present, so I just said "aw, of course, and that's not true."

What an odd duck.


by Nome at 11:03 PM
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