Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Kinda like everyone reading this blog today.

Miserable. Three episodes of the L-Word were barely enough to keep me going. And I love those girls.

Hate. Sickness. Horrible. Also. Hate. Doctors.

Particularly hate working for a company that does not offer paid sick days. Staying home is actually costing me a lot of money. God damn. I need a government job. I need a union. Workers of the world unite!

Have to go to the doctor tomorrow so they can tell me exactly what I already know in a note for me to give to my employer.

I hate being a grown-up.


p.s. Maya is most pleased to have my undivided attention all day long. She would like it if I could be sick more often. She's also grateful that I don't feed her poisoned pet food. Claire's dog was not so lucky. Poor creature.

by Nome at 11:26 PM
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