Saturday, June 18, 2005

stigma sucks

Bought this huge tome from the store today. So far it's fucking great. It's like a 'How to Operate a Woman' manual. Very useful, since the last time I checked I was one.

Here's what's written under the heading Bisexuality:

"Bisexuality has historically been misunderstood and maligned. Labeled as confused, sex addicts, or not queer enough, people who identify as bisexual have often been stigmatized in both gay and straight communities."

Soooo true! And so ridiculous! Stigma is not a valid response just because you're a member of a stigmatized group yourself.

Oh, and I added a bunch of stuff to my wishlist, should anyone be interested. Every day except one is my unbirthday!

I want to thank everyone who sent me stuff so far, because you rule. Thanks to Dag for the book Karla. Thanks to JaG for the Robert Cormier book. And thanks to Dreamingwolf for Islands in the Stream. Thanks also to the not-so-mysterious stranger in England who sent me the Pulp Fiction dvd and the sublime Zen Shorts.

Perhaps some of you have guessed that nearly every available space in my room is filled with books.

Gotta go watch a movie with Cait now.

Yay for the Sunday sleep-in!


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