Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday, funny Sunday

I would really, really like some sex right now.

It's ridiculous, I know, but I'm having trouble maintaining the whole "One with Self" feeling when in actual fact, I'd just really like to get laid.

Carrie waltzed into the store this morning dressed head-to-toe in pink and looking so flushed that her face matched her clothes. When Carrie wants to wear a bright colour, she doesn't go half-way. Most of the time she's dressed entirely in lime green, but this morning was an exception. We asked her how her daughter's birthday party last night had gone (she was worried that her new boyfriend and her daughter might not get along) and she gushed about it for a while. She said that everyone had loved the boyfriend and said that he was a keeper. Emma walked by on her way to the front door to let the first customers in, and she leaned in and whispered conspiratorially "Somebody got laid this morning..." Carrie giggled like a schoolgirl and chirped "I cannot tell a lie!" It was a hilarious moment, especially since we could enjoy the adult humour because 14-year-old Hanna hadn't arrived yet.

I felt a brief flash of envy in that moment. I didn't envy Carrie her happiness, because she deserves every single glorious scrap of it, but I did envy her ability to get some early on a Sunday morning before work. I should be so lucky.

In other news, I met a girl today. She works at a cafe a few doors down from the bookstore, and I've talked to her a few times because she's one of the more personable employees in the place. I don't really go there for the service, since it's usually indifferent and almost always so slow that I can scarcely get out of there before my break's over. I keep coming back because the food is just fantastic. They make lovely little breakfast muffins with ham and cheese and egg, unbelievable raspberry scones, great salads, good cookies and squares, and really excellent strong and insanely hot coffee - just the way I like it. Anyway, I've never known this girl's name before, but I ran into her at the bus stop today and we talked for a good half-hour. We'll call her Apple (her real name's actually not too far from that), and so far I quite like her. It's good to know the people who make your food - it makes the whole thing seem a lot more sociable. And perhaps she'll be a new friend.

April invited me to go to a flamenco dance show next week, which is super-exciting. She was out of town for a while and I haven't seen her in ages, so I was pretty thrilled when I got her email.

Julie STILL hasn't emailed me. I have sent her several desperate emails, but there's been no reply. Carrie and Jack told me not to take it personally, because she can be very reclusive, but I am still confused and a bit hurt about it.

I'm making a roast beast (I guess it's "beef" for those of you who didn't read The Grinch five thousand times) for my dad for Father's Day. Poor Emma's dad died last year, so we all wrote her a card to tell her we're thinking of her today.

Cris wants me to be Emma's back-up person for their bookclubs. I am hugely excited to do that. I've always wanted to hang out at a bookclub.

Oh, and I got my brother to learn Shadowboxer on the piano. He says it's really easy to play. He's busy this Friday so it looks like we'll be performing two weeks from then. I have to go to the open-mike this week anyway, because I want to, but also in case that cute guy of Karma Police fame shows up. That song played on my Zen today and I turned it up real loud and thought about him playing it while I listened. Damn those bottomless green eyes of his. It would be beyond cool if he showed up. I'd admire his courage in a big way. I imagine that my whole meeting-guys-on-the-street thing really smacks of desperation to everyone reading, but you might have understood it if you were there at the time. It felt pretty natural, if a bit brave of me.

Had a nice time last night watching Sideways with Cait. I fuckinglove that movie. Virginia Madsen is a goddess and I totally empathize with that poor Miles. I think it's pretty much the only romantic comedy ever written for actual adults and not overgrown high-school kids. I think that's why both Sara and Hanna just didn't get it. I tried to sound wise and said "you'll understand it when you're older," but that was just ridiculous seeing as I am practically an infant myself.

Better go wrap the presents and deal with the dinner now.

Happy Father's Day. Give a shout-out to the guy who raised you, or a male role model, or the sperm donor who brought you into being, as the case may be. I'm sure we all have at least one decent man in our lives. I'm exceedingly fortunate to know many wonderful guys, including the one who used to let me ride on his shoulders in the elevator and who played catch with me on the front lawn until it was too dark to see the ball. He was always there, and I am incredibly lucky for it.

I salute you, Dad.


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