Sunday, October 30, 2005

female stalkers are really just as scary as the guys

Hey all.

A couple 'o updates before I head out to the oh-so-exciting Metric concert. I heart Metric, and want to get to the thing early because I pretty much want to be as close to the lovely and talented Emily Haines as humanly possible. Under her sheets would be just perfect, but in this context I'll have to settle for the front row. And much smirking ensues.

Remember Revenue Canada girl? We'll call her Zena from now on, since the esteemed Warrior Princess of bad daytime TV fame is what she was dressed up as when she confronted me at the Drag King Halloween soiree last night. Scary, is maybe the best word to sum her up. She will simply not leave me alone. After sending me a few scary email rants, I thought she had disappeared back into the seedy woodwork, but no such luck. Apparently getting rid of someone in such a small community of women is a tall order, and sure enough she was there last night, in full-on zero-boundaries form. She followed me around ALL night, despite my insistence on ignoring her, and then finally wacked her Zena sword on the bar counter to get my attention. When I turned around she snarled: "Guess you're going to have to meet me after all..." I muttered "hey how's it going..." with a tone of puzzled "who are you?" and then went back to my friends. This was not, of course, the end of it.

I came to the club with Kylie in tow, who was looking painfully gorgeous as Cyndi Lauper circa 1985. She had her hair in a side ponytail, crazy black stilettos, and an Audrey Hepburn movie of a short purple dress, avec ruffles. She had applied my makeup earlier in the evening and I was a blue-and-green eyeshadowed, huge purple winged butterfly. I was wearing a rather ludicrously short skirt (even more ludicrous for those of you who have known me for years and never seen me in a short skirt....Cait: FYI, it was YOUR skirt with the flowers you drew on at the bus stop), fishnet stockings, a blue shirt that was basically see-through from my bra down, and glow-in-the-dark antenna. It was a fun getup, though I basically felt naked the whole evening. Other girls were much nakeder though (totally not a word, but fuckit).

After I basically brushed Zena off at the bar, she followed me around all evening, glaring, and then when Kylie and I finally got up to leave she followed us for two blocks in the cold before finally slinking off down a side street. Fucking scary. And this woman knows my real name and phone number, and what neighbourhood I live in. Ack.

I'm making my life sound all fun and games and craziness, but really I have been working a lot too.

I am bookselling part-time, and doing cash part time, and I feel more versatile and way, way more challenged than before. I love fielding questions, hunting down books, ordering, and talking to smart teachers. It rules.

And now, to watch pretty Emily sing for a few hours.

More to follow.

Thanks guys for reading....I'll try to be less self-absorbed next time.


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