Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ode to Cait

I spent a truly nice day with my most excellent friend Cait yesterday. She's in the middle in that photo to your left.

Every time I see her -- which is never quite often enough -- I'm reminded of why she's been such a bright light in my life since practically the day she was born. We are so alike in some ways: both positive thinkers, committed to equality, creative, environmentally-conscious (her more so than me), friendly, intellectual, and outgoing.

Sometimes I think she's a better person than I am, because she acts on her ideals when I have a tendency to just rant about them. She's certainly sunnier and more optimistic, although this is a great asset because no one cheers me up like she does.

We had a lovely day walking around Main Street, talking feminism over iced coffees and discussing our lives. She's one of those rare individuals who I enjoy spending time with even when we're doing absolutely nothing.

I know in my heart that she really accepts and loves me exactly the way I am, and that's a valuable thing.

So this one's for Cait, my wonderful friend and the sister I never had.

I'm going to be out of town until Friday night. Figured it was about damn time that I went somewhere rather than waiting for everyone else to come back from their respective vacations.

So have a great week, everyone, and please wish for nice weather on the southwest coast of BC!


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