Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Eight Things

Here's a little story from the time that's illusive
I knew a girl by the name of roxanne,
met her in eighty-six
At the local band stand
New tracks, suit, fat laces white sneakers
Moving to the sound coming out of the speaker
Last week around queen and john, i saw her
at the corner with a business suit on
I said 'what's up girl? you still check the vibe?
Remember de la soul? diamond d? and the tribe?'
She said 'no, no, i just don't listen
That stuff on the radio is not to transmission
Same beat, same lyrics, same song
I listen to my old school tapes to get it on'
I said 'word up girl? i know what you mean
It seems we're all trapped in the glitz and the gleam
The truth's just hidden for now, so don't sweat it
So here's a cassette' and then i jetted...
-K-OS - Neutroniks
Oh how I love K-OS. And now to make things even trickier, I have to decide whether to go to his concert in November. many concerts, so little time and money.

Actually, that's not true. The Boss from my school downtown called today to say he was upping my hours to 25, so that plus 8 hours at the other school means I am working only 33 hours a week, still technically part-time, and I'm making more than twice what I was making at the bookstore, AFTER taxes! Sweetness.

It does complicate when I can go see Claire, but I have faith that we'll manage it if we both put in the effort.

There's another of her portraits, by the way. It's Prince Tupac himself, one of her biggest heroes. There's a dirty black rapper and street poet inside that sweet little white girl, and he comes out in the most hilarious ways.

I have to leave for the island in an hour since I'm bartending that fundraiser this weekend, but I thought I'd attempt quickly to write up The Sac Man's little eight things meme. Same rules as last time -- eight things about yourself -- but as always I will try to make them things you don't know about me, and I'd love for the people I tag to do the same thing.

Here goes:

1) Since I can be a TMI queen when I want to be, most of you know that I'm something of a Brazilian addict. This week I went to get waxed and just for the pure hell of it I told the girl who does it for me (sweet little Vietnamese lass from a little South East Asian fishing village once upon a time) that I'd seen an episode of Sex and the City in which Samantha gets shaved with a little lightning bolt shape in the middle. I asked her if she could do that, and she got all excited and said "oh yes! It will take time and it will hurt very much, but I love to do it!"

Haha. I said yes, OF COURSE, and so now I have a little heart shape in a very private spot. It didn't hurt that much, and it didn't take that long. The moral of this story is something like "yeah yeah yeah, I'm such a fucking girl."

2) I've been contacted by two people in the past month who wanted to take photographs of me in a professional capacity. One of them is a sweet guy I know a little bit and I'll probably take him up on it (I told Claire and she said "well, if he wants a hot lesbian shoot you should bring me along..." Daym that girl!), and the other guy is something of a pornographer who I could tell was trying to dupe me into taking all my clothes off and letting him photograph me in compromising positions. I said absolutely not, no, not a chance, not in this lifetime, not under any circumstances, thanks for coming out, but of course I would do other stuff for him, but then he got annoyed and stopped messaging me. Good riddance.

3) Perhaps you can tell from the above paragraph that my personal views on nudity (everyone else can do whatever the hell they want and power to them) are what Mr. Zazazazen has described as "conventional," although I have yet to meet anyone who shares my ideas. I still feel that out of the locker room, spa, or gym changing room, nudity for me is something I want to reserve for people who are pretty damn special. I don't rush into it, and I don't share it with everyone.

4) I can count the number of people I've had sex with on one hand.

5) I was contacted by a guy online this week who wanted to hang out and smoke a joint with me "as friends" (his words, not mine). I asked if we could email back and forth for a bit, and he messaged me back to say that he wanted to meet immediately, and oh, by the way, he was into more drugs than just pot. He went on for three paragraphs about how he enjoys opiates, including morphine, as well as Xanax and Valium, and takes them on a very regular recreational basis.

He asked me to tolerate his lifestyle because he has no plans to get off the stuff and I shouldn't think of him as "just some junkie." I wrote back to say that of course I tolerated his lifestyle since he's an adult and can do whatever he wants to his own body, but as someone who has been negatively affected by drug abuse, I would have to decline his invitation to meet me until he was off the stuff completely.

Do you think I did the right thing?

6) As much as I love buying and wearing cute undies, I've discovered I'm seriously turned on by the idea of girls not wearing them.

7) I was thinking about being Lara Croft: Tomb Raider for Halloween, but then I considered the possibility of an entire evening spent with all eyes on my tits, and I started having second thoughts. Haha.

8) I spend a lot of time worrying about whether my employers would take issue with my being queer. I would hate to take a case like that to a human rights tribunal, and as such I'm slightly tempted to keep it on the down-low, as much as I truly hate doing that.


Okay, I tag
1) Miss Curlz, cause I always want to know more about her royal loveliness,
2) The Cynical Queer for the same reason, but with male pronouns,
3) Charlie because I love his little lists,
4) K. because she is new and exciting and I know all of ZIP about her,
5) The Purple Owl because I am terribly naive in thinking that perhaps I can jog her into writing again,
and 6) Mr. Zazazazen because he's a fascinating lad.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll be back with updates on Sunday night.

A bientot,


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