Friday, October 13, 2006

25 Peeps

Sweet! I'm on 25 Peeps today. Go click my link here and help me win this silly popularity contest. Cause the silly ones are always the most fun.

Things are still going well in my end of the woods, except that I've been working for two days straight with almost no breaks. I even mark papers on the bus, and it's starting to wear me down. I can't wait to see Claire on the weekend and just relax. I have a lot of exhaling to do.

One of my students came up behind me today while I was sending Claire a rather naughty text message in the hallway at school. He asked "Your boyfriend?" I just laughed. "Uh, not exactly," I told him, and smirked long and hard about it.

Love that photo to your right. 36-24-to-tha-36, avec pink bra and no undies. Whew. For some reason this makes me feel damn lucky indeed.

Time for bed,


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