Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I heart Metric

Promiscuous makes an entrance
Her mouth is full of questions
Are we all brides to be?
Are we all designed to be confined
Buy ourselves chastity belts and lock them?
Organize our lives and lose the key
Our faces all resemble dying roses
From trying to fix it
When instead we should break it
We've got to break it before it breaks us

Fear of pretty houses and their porches
Fear of biological wrist watches
Fear of comparison shopping
Dogs on leashes behind fences barking
Pretty little pillows on floral couches
Until our faces all resemble dying roses
Stop trying to fix it...

-Metric - Patriarch on a Vespa

Well, Emily Haines rocks socks, that's for damned sure. Live, she is a fiery burst of energy. Somehow she manages to convey rage and frustration, absolute calm and a total, all-encompassing, sexy-as-all-hell confidence all at once. I am a fool for lyrics, that's for sure, but when Emily sings them in person, four feet away, somehow they are that much more infused with meaning. Sure, I'd love to sleep with her, but I'd be damned pleased to have an hour long conversation about consumerist culture too.

Oh but the girl is a wonder. This is the most ridiculous celebrity crush I've had in ages. She is all waifish and tall and wears ludicrously short black skirts, which for some reason is so attractive. She's all wavy blond hair and lithe grace and crazy dance moves. And somehow in all the head-banging and spinning she does, she rarely misses a note. What a voice, what a voice. Absofuckinglutely incredible.

In short, the concert rocked. Ms. Emily didn't banter with the audience at all, except to apologize for the large metal barrier the worried security at the club had set up four feet in front of the stage, to keep the masses away from her loveliness, I suppose. She said something along the lines of "Really sorry about the barrier, guys. We tried to get them to take it down, but they wouldn't. It's just not the same to be so far away from you." It was sweet. I didn't mind the lack of banter, because aimless "HOW'S IT GOING VANCOUVER???!!!" tends to really take away from the music and the experience, and turns us all into a bunch of zombie-eyed groupies rather than music fans eager to hear some actual live songs. I appreciated that she gave us enough respect not to descend into that kind of silliness. She just played well, and played hard, and it sounded brilliant.

Even Metric's opening acts were pretty wicked. The Lovely Feathers were a bunch of adorable, energetic, and wickedly flamboyant guys from Montreal. They were really awesome, and amazing to watch. The Most Serene Republic was good too, although a bit droney in parts, and they finished their set with a bizarre move involving hitting the cymbals with a dusty floor mop that one of them had found backstage. That was a bit pointless, in my estimation.

I went to the concert with a girl we'll call Heidi. I've been out with her once already - we went for tea and played some pool a few weeks ago. She is quite amazing-looking, with really big bright blue eyes and dimples. Her hair is really short since she shaved it off to go back to her natural colour, which is a kind of dirty blond. So now it is short and fuzzy, like a baby duck. Cute. She is into music and books, which I like, but of course I have absolutely no idea if she likes me at all. We'll see if she calls me....

As for Rosie, well, I'm not so sure about her. I like her alright, but she is in some ways really young. She still listens to the kind of R&B and pop that I bop my head to in clubs but would never in a million years stick in my player and walk down the street listening to. She watches some pretty deplorable movies, and while she's fairly clever I don't think she sees herself as particularly intellectual. I have yet to notice any kind of intellectual life or a real drive to learn things. I know not everyone has that drive, but I sure do. We're probably not compatible in the long run, although we might be in the short term if I was attracted to her, but I don't think I really am. Somehow she is not my type. I've just been keeping it really casual and I told her that for the time being I don't think I want anything more than friendship with her.

Strangely enough, now that there are a few more people in my life I am remembering that new people come with baggage, and awkwardness. New people are strange and funny at first, and I don't know how to react to that except to make a lot of jokes and behave with almost exaggerated casualness about everything. I can't remember not feeling that way with anyone lately, except with Kylie. Damn that girl and the way thoughts of her confound my interactions with every single new person I meet. I wish she wasn't so wonderful, and I wish that seeing her didn't make me still want to kiss her every single second we're together. I cannot stand being so smitten by someone when there is scarcely a chance that anything would ever work between us. It is torture, plain and simple. Beautiful, exquisite, irresistible torture. Damn.

My birthday is next Saturday, and racking my brain trying to think of who I could invite to my party was a bit embarrassing. So many people are away or out of town or in foreign countries, and that sucks. I especially miss the Boy. Somehow events lately seem to be conspiring to make me remember him all the more, like flashes that tug unrelentingly at my heart strings. I still can't go to any of the places we hung out together. Hell, I haven't even been back on campus since I graduated. I can't eat at our favourite cafe and breakfast place, and I certainly can't see the cheerleaders. I don't know what, or if, I should do something about this. I'll have to ask Thea what she thinks.

I like having friends from work, but they frustrate me too. Cris and Emma are just about impossible to see outside of work. Cris is as busy as a superhero and Emma is practically agoraphobic. Jack is around on and off, but he goes to bed early and I am a night owl. Everyone else has their own lives and their own plans, and I hate being the annoying person who always wants to hang out.

Emma did say something sweet to me last night after the store was closed. I told her I was always a little bit worried that the Bossi would try to fire me again, and she said that I shouldn't worry because I had warmed my way into some hearts at the store, and her and Cris would never let that happen to me. It really made me feel loved in a real way that I haven't felt in a while, and I appreciated that immensely.

I think I promised that this entry would be less self-absorbed. Oops. Please raise your hand if you're utterly bored right now.

Maybe I should just tell you about some more bands I've gotten into lately.

One of the girls I met at the club the other night recommended a British band called Goldfrapp. They're pretty good, and their singer Alison Goldfrapp is beyond beautiful. Check her out in peacock feathers, white gloves, and oh yes, black hotpants and platform heels. Hot hot hot. And uh, the music is pretty great too.

She also recommended a band called Skunk Anansie, and they're good, although the lead singer scares me a bit. She is insanely hairless and they call her Skin, probably due to the whole hairless thing. I think they're broken up already, which is kind of too bad.

Oh yeah, I tried to post a photo of me in my Halloween costume at work, but Blogger is being an asswipe today. I'll try again later. No photos (that I know of) were taken of the butterfly outfit. My apologies to those of you who wanted to see way more S&T (stomach and legs) of me than you're used to. Haha. As though those people exist!

I better get started with the day.

At 5:00 pm, that is just stupid.



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